About Us

In 2006, three forces the U.S National Committee For Byzantine Studies (USNCBS), the Canadian Committee of Byzantists (CCB) and the Byzantine Studies Conference (BSC) joined together to form the Byzantine Studies Association of North America, Inc. (BSANA).

The Byzantine Conference started in 1975 now meets every year in October or November in a different city every year. The primary purpose is to discuss and present new research regarding the Byzantine Empire or The Eastern Roman Empire (circa 330-1453 AD). Graduate students attend the conference and discuss their latest research. Research can include but not be limited to art, architecture, archaeology, history, philology, literature, theology, liturgy and church history, numismatics and sigillography, history of medicine, and law.

This website is dedicated to those who are not experts in the study of Byzantinology but are interested in learning more about their culture and history. We plan on presenting the latest research in a variety of fields. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us.